It all began in 1899, when a textile merchant named Hans, whose last name was Grohe, moved from the city of Leukenwald, near Berlin, to the small town- Schiltach .

Two years later, he retired from the textile business and set up his iron workshop.

Due to his passion for water, Hans began to enter the field of showers that was in its early stages, with bathtubs made of tin sheet, which laid the foundations for his future success.

Today Hansgrohe is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of faucets, sinks and more.

With over one billion euros in annual sales, 34 companies, 21 sales offices and 5000 employees scattered across 143 countries.

Over the years, Hansgrohe has won more than 400 innovation awards such as the IF Design Award and RedDot, and today the company ranks ahead of its competitors.

Sustainability, design, management and organizational communication are our core values.

Hansgrohe is focused on constant investment in innovation, design and the highest quality products, guaranteeing its consistent leadership in the field of sanitation.

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