Antonio Citterio. Architect, designer and perfectionist. Nobody else has had such an impact on Italian design. His style reveals a combination of timeless shapes and high-quality materials. Uncompromising. And that’s precisely why his products, interiors and architectural concepts are so popular. From the cutlery to the lamp. From the kitchen to the bathroom collection. From the chair to the company headquarters. Always low-key. In the interests of functionality. And of beauty. Because, according to Citterio: “If you enjoy the ritual of washing every day, you should be able to enjoy using beautiful products for it.”

Antonio Citterio handles the entire spectrum: from hotel bathrooms to luxurious private bathrooms. An important wealth of experience. For bathroom design. For AXOR. Implemented in three collections since 2001.

Born in 1950 in the northern Italian city of Meda. Antonio Citterio designed his first piece of furniture in his father’s workshop. At 18 he received a design award for his cupboard design. At 22, he opened his own design studio – while studying architecture at the Milan Polytechnic.

In 1999 he founded the Antonio Citterio and Partners studio with Patricia Viel. Since then, he has worked for leading international brands. Furnished luxury hotels, offices and exhibitions. Designer products for large furniture manufacturers. Residential and commercial complexes all over the world. Or apartments in the Elbe Philharmonic Hall building in Hamburg. Antonio Citterio teaches at the Academy of Architecture at the University of Mendrisio, Switzerland.