Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist. Two of the founders of Front. A design studio with worldwide popularity. Successful design export from Sweden. The “avant-gardistes” are keen to experiment. Conventional ideas are discarded. During the product design. During the manufacturing process. They blur the boundaries between interior design and art.

Their design is not considered typically Scandinavian. It is experimental. Playing with visual effects. Inspired by fashion, film or science. Every item they design is always magical. An expression of their tongue-in-cheek approach to objects and delight in the element of surprise. Qualities which inspire the international design scene.


Collaboration between AXOR and Front started in 2013. With an AXOR WaterDream. The objective was to reinterpret the shower. This resulted in an installation of pipes, valves and funnels – and therefore new archetypes. An experience of water in its original form. In 2014 the AXOR WaterDream by Front won the coveted Wallpaper* Design Award as the best concept for the shower.

The installation eventually led to the AXOR ShowerProducts designed by Front. Also awarded for unique design. With the German Design Award 2015.


Bringing water pathways to life, in their original form. The Front designers take their creation back to basics: “We wanted to highlight the hidden aesthetics of the technology in an elegant way, and to create a charming designer product out of the tubes, valves and funnels.”

The AXOR ShowerProducts designed by Front are unusual yet also familiar: Archetypes in shower design. Also a homage to traditional workmanship and industrial design.