Philippe Starck. One of the most famous designers and interior architects of our time. A free spirit with an unconventional style. An extrovert. Startling. He changes visual perceptions and plays with materials. With his vision of a better world. His creations harbour a responsibility for society and the environment.

Philippe Starck represents an indefatigable power of design. From loudspeakers to chandeliers. From motorbikes to mega-yachts. From everyday objects to sensational interior design. The hotels that he designed have attained cult status. His creations are on show in museums and exhibitions. All over the world.

Since the 1980s, Philippe Starck has been creating ‘wows’ and setting international benchmarks with his design. He has also spent more than 20 years working on bathroom design in collaboration with AXOR.

In 1994, AXOR and Philippe Starck triggered a revolution with the Salon d‘eau. The first modern bathroom/living space. And the first bathroom collection from AXOR. Groundbreaking at the time. Now a classic. Besides the joystick handle, bathroom design has been enhanced by other innovations: the shower column and the manual shower. Creations characterised by minimalism.

This design principle runs through the four collections: AXOR Starck, AXOR Starck Organic, the glass mixer range AXOR Starck V and the shower collection AXOR ShowerCollection. Designed by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck. Born in Paris in 1949. Son of a French aeronautical engineer and inventor. He studied interior architecture and design at the École Nissim de Camondo, Paris. In 1976 he founded the company “Starck Product”. Designing the private rooms of François Mitterrand at the Élysée Palace made him famous. The Café Costes in Paris made him an international star. In 1995, he created a new category with the Delano boutique hotel in Miami: designer hotels. He has long been successful in international residential projects: Under the name Yoo, Philippe Starck creates outstanding apartments at unique locations all over the world..